At NMIMS, Bangalore, we believe in not just producing quality managers, but also nurturing them to be socially responsible. Udyam, the Social Responsibility Committee of NMIMS, Bangalore came into being to organize various events and initiatives to sensitize the students about social issues that are prevalent in the society.

The committee comprises of a bunch of dedicated “Udyamites” from the senior and junior batches of PGDM, who take up initiatives and work towards making a better tomorrow. Every year, Udyam creates platforms for students, NGOs and corporates to interact and contribute towards various social causes and initiatives. Initiatives taken up by Udyam such as fund-raising for the underprivileged, awareness creation and community service always garner immense support from the student fraternity of the institute. Also, Udyam steers the placement of students with NGOs for the flagship social internship program of NMIMS, Bangalore- We Care. Some of the major events of Udyam are:

Sunshine Scholarship:

NMIMS, Bangalore is sponsoring the education of Jayapriya, a bright student of class 8th. For the past 3 years, team Udyam raises funds for the scholarship through various fund raising activities such as Silent Auction. Moreover, the “NMIMS Sunshine Scholarship 2015” was also provided to two more bright students- Praveen Kumar from 5th Std and Arokya, who studies in 3rd Std.

Silent Auction:

Silent auction is a fun event which is conducted for raising funds. In this event, many individuals put forward several options for auction. Further, the money is collected through the bidding process. These funds are contributed by the students and staff at NMIMS, Bangalore. The amount collected is then allocated to the Sunshine Scholarship.

Chalk the Walk:

Knowesis as a partner of the Walkathon gives an opportunity to the students to showcase their talents. In order to be part of the driving force that is campaigning for the issues raised in Walkathon, the students create posters with many images and slogans.


Walkathon is a flagship event of Udyam. Organised in association with Rang-the cultural committee, the event sees the students of the institute raise slogans and take a procession through the busy roads of Bangalore to create awareness against pressing issues of the society. The walk is to raise awareness about the issue which has been plaguing our society for far too long and needs to be addressed.

Independence Day:

Committed to making a difference: Udyam’s constant endeavor is to work towards the betterment of the society. Udyam organizes CSR event on Independence day. As a humble contribution to Independence Day, the Students of NMIMS Bengaluru visits ‘Samarthanam’ an NGO based in HSR layout and organize various fun activities for the children.

Joy of Giving Week:

Joy of Giving Week is conducted from October 2-8 every year. NMIMS Bangalore celebrates the joy of spreading love through various activities. These activities such as Collection drive, Blood donation, Cleanliness drive, food stalls and Visit to an NGO are conducted by Udyam team. A new event called “wish tree” is also introduced in the Joy of Giving Week.

Vihaan- The CSR Summit: The Annual CSR Summit of NMIMS Bangalore serves as a platform for students, NGOs and Corporates to come together. The event serves a bridge between corporates and NGOs, wherein the former funds the most valued initiatives of the latter.

Udyam Cup:

Cricket tournament was organized in association with Lakshaya- The sports committee ofNMIMS, Bangalore. The funds raised through this event is donated to an NGO.

Apart from these, Udyam takes up a host of initiatives that help the students reach out to the needy.Udyam organizes various initiatives which enjoy an unwavering patronage from the entire NMIMS family.

Contact Details

Sachin Singhal (President) : +91-9587112893

Shreya Sabarad (Vice President) : +91-7738011639