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Udyam is the Social Responsibility Cell of NMIMS Bengaluru. It organises events to raise awareness about issues prevalent in society and sensitize the budding managers so they can become better human beings.

The committee is run by “Udyamis” both from the senior and junior PGDM batches, who together as a team involve the students, NGOs as well as corporates to throw light on the disparities in society and how each small step can make a difference. Udyam also acts as a facilitator for the flagship internship programme- WE CARE, which involves students interning for 3 weeks with various NGOs in order to garner hands on experience on how community service can be a reward in itself. Some of the major events organised by Udyam are:

Walkathon- Flagship event:

Walkathon is a platform for us, as students, and as members of the society to work together as a driving force to influence people. Walkathon’18 was on the theme “Rise Against Hunger”, organised on the 12th of August. The event saw students of the institute spreading awareness through a ‘Nukkad Natak” and by holding banners and raising slogans to raise awareness. All PGDM students participated with great fervour and enthusiasm to make a difference in the society.

Chalk the Walk:

Knowesis, as a partner of Walkathon, gives an opportunity to the students to show their creativity. In order to be a driving force for the issues raised in Walkathon, the students create posters and banners, which are proudly displayed and used during the Walkathon.

Vihaan- The CSR Summit:

The Annual CSR Summit of NMIMS Bangalore serves as an opportunity for students, NGOs and Corporates to come together on a single platform where they can network and find solutions to pressing issues of society. The theme of Vihaan ’18 was “Embedding CSR into corporate strategy”. The event takes place in two parts – a panel discussion, and further proceeds with an interactive session.

Joy of Giving Week:

Joy of Giving Week is conducted from October 2-8 every year. NMIMS Bangalore celebrates the joy of spreading love and raising funds through various activities. Activities such as Collection drive, Blood donation camp, Cleanliness drive, setting up of Food stalls and visit an NGO are conducted by the Udyam team.

Sunshine Scholarship:

Since past 6 years, Team Udyam has been sponsoring the education of school children. Last year, on the 26th of October 2018, we were able to raise ₹70,000 with the help of PGDM 08 & 09 students and were able to partly fund the education of five young talents. The students came together in our Silent Auction, to help children aspire and reach their dreams and goals.

Silent Auction:

Silent Auction is a fun-filled event, where students put forward several services on auction for their fellow batch mates. The management and administration department also take part in the event wholeheartedly. The proceedings are then used for the Sunshine Scholarship.

Contact Details:

Email ID: udyam@nmims.edu.in

Harsh Jain (President): harsh.jain72@nmims.edu.in; 9836554598

Srabani Mitra (Vice-President): SRABANI.MITRA06@nmims.edu.in; 9836322598

Parth Agarwal (Vice-President): PARTH.AGARWAL07@nmims.edu.in; 9724756555