nirantar-operations-club‘Nirantar’ means continuous.

We the members of ‘Nirantar’ believe in continuous learning. We aim at increasing awareness about the relevance of Operations Domain in Business and provide exposure to the overall functioning of a Business with a holistic perspective.

The club provides a platform to students to learn by applying theoritical concepts learnt in the classroom practically in the real world. Activities like Industry visits provide hands on experience to students wherein they can attain knowledge about concepts such as supply chain, value chain, logistics, etc involved in the services.

Operations in its very essence is dynamic. There are new challenges coming the manager’s way everyday. Hence we believe in engaging students in a dynamic way with the help of Simulation games, it gives them an insight into the problems faced and aslo instigates them to find solutions for the same, learning thereby.

Since Operations is dynamic in nature, newer and newer issues come up in the industry with time. The Operations Summit is a platform wherein students can know about the macroeconomic environment. Top level management from different verticals of the corporate discuss issues faced by Indian Industries, their future impact on the economy and the road ahead.

The key events organised by the club are “Operandi 2.0” a Pan India online Operations quiz and Career guidance sessions for students having an inclination toward the stream and wanting to pursue it further.

The club is open to students from all backgrounds be it Analytics, Finance, HR, Marketing. If they wish to attain knowledge about certain aspects of Operations they are all welcome and we ensure that you’d have fun while you learn here!

Keep learning!

For more details, contact:

Prakhar Srivastava (President): +91-8874154530

Ammu Chaitanya (Vice-President): +91-9705919586