MUDRA is the Finance club of NMIMS-Bengaluru. Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means symbol or token of currency, hence emphasizes the importance of “money”. MUDRA encourages participation and discussions on major economic and finance related issues and gives students an edge by building their financial acumen.

We believe that in this global world, we should not only be concerned with our economic policies but also connect the dots; and critically understand various policies adopted by the governments and the financial institutions over the world.

Role of Mudra Club:

The club comprises of a core group of both senior and junior members who are passionate about knowledge-sharing and learning about the intricacies of finance in a fun way. The club aims to disseminate the knowledge of finance amongst its seekers and provide a platform to students to showcase their talent by means of various inter and intra college events and workshops.


2015 was a productive year for Mudra as it organized a series of events, workshops and discussions –

Finomina- The first event Mudra organized to check the financial knowledge of the new batch.

Mudra Newsletters-  The letters conveyed financial knowledge to the students of NMIMS-Bengaluru. The club also organized various webinars in collaboration with FinShiksha through which one could learn various advance concepts of finance.

Converge 2.0-Finance Summit of NMIMS Bengaluru The flagship event which was a very enriching experience for everyone involved. It provided a platform for the top talent of top institutes across India to showcase their knowledge pool in front of esteemed panelists from diverse fields ranging from real estate to financial services. All in all, it turned out to be a great success. This year the club plans to take it to newer heights.

FLIP Certifications-Knowing the immense importance of nationally recognized certifications, the club facilitated students to achieve FLIP certifications.

Finance Premier League-The event involved bidding skills on the grounds of IPL. Teams had to purchase virtual football players by competing against each other and also had to manage a portfolio. The team with maximum profits was declared as the winner.

Annual Budget Summit- The event which was held post-Budget where teams presented on primary, secondary and tertiary sector’s performance in recent years and expectations from it in upcoming years.

This year apart from the events mentioned above, Mudra plans many exciting events, workshops, discussions etc. like- Stock Trading SimulationsFinancial term of the week, Discussion Forums  and so on.

We are also active on the social media, by way of posting interesting facts, articles and interviews of business gurus in the financial world on Facebook and LinkedIn.

So Stay tuned!!!

Contact Details:

Abhay Agrawal (President):  +91-9827978005

Inisha Daga (Vice President):  +91-9007482106

E-Mail: –

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