modex-logoModEx – The Business Technology Club of NMIMS

ModEx, the Business Technology Club of NMIMS, Bangalore, was formed two years ago, under the mentorship of Prof. Narayani Ramachandran, with the prime objective of providing a platform for all the upcoming managers to gain knowledge and expertise about the tool Microsoft Excel, one of the most powerful tools used in businesses across the globe. Given the demand for technical competence in the corporate world, we furthered our purview to include other tools like SPSS, SAS, SAP, Tableau, so that our students are better prepared to face the corporate world.

We aim to provide opportunities for continuous learning in the form of our organized events, excel workshops, live projects and guest lectures. We successfully completed the business simulation courseware used by finance professors of NMIMS and also completed a project from 3M India courseware used by finance professors of NMIMS and also completed a project from 3M India ltd using Excel as a tool.


  1. Biz and Bytes: An intra-college event, it is essentially a business technology quiz, one of its kind conducted in our college. The aim of this event is to inculcate the quizzing culture in our students and help them learn about the various business technology happenings in the world. The quiz is designed around a theme, so that the students stay intrigued to it and enjoy the learning process.
  2. Excel Workshop: These workshops are the highlight of our club. We organize workshops for our members to teach them advance Excel, like dashboards, so that they have a competitive edge over their peers. We also conduct workshops for the non-members. We believe in peer learning. We also plan to conduct workshops on SPSS, SAS, Tableau for our students.
  3. Gaming: We all know how hectic MBA is, and we thus organize different gaming events to release the stress of the students and give them some hours of pure fun.

Flagship Event:

Excel O Mania: It is the flagship event of our club. A pan India event where students from all top notch b-schools of India, compete in this unique excel based challenge. It is one of a kind event, not organized by any other college. The students are essentially tested on their excel skill and competence to apply their knowledge practically and intelligently to win the challenge.

Contact Details:

Panchalee Bhaumik (President) : +91-8697669665

Chayan Sharma (Vice President) : +91-9753100106