Our business acumen is governed by our actions on the field! The Sports Committee of NMIMS, Bangalore aims to provide students with a platform to pursue their passion for Sports! The sporting arena facilitates development of attributes like team spirit, integrity, resilience & zeal which coincidentally are taught in the four walls of the classroom. Lakshya aims to unlock the hidden talents and ensure that the spirit of sport doesn’t go unnoticed. The committee organizes the NMIMS Sports League (NSL) every academic year which begins with an IPL style auction for all the students. They then go on to participate in a host of sporting events namely Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis Basketball, Athletics and many more!. We also challenge the gaming skills of players by testing their mettle in Cyber Gaming Events held in our NSL Event.

Contact Details

Sahil Sabharwal (President) : +91-9953161417

Saahil Javkar (Vice President) : +91-9833533280

Bharadwaj (Vice President) : +91-9148061135