Vision: To encourage creative thinking amongst students and add a new perspective to management.

Mission: To give thinkers, writers, artists and designers an arena to express themselves.

Knowesis, the official magazine club of NMIMS Bengaluru gives a platform to students to express their thoughts and creativity through writing, designing, photography and ever so refreshingly, a lot more!

The name stands for ‘an oasis of knowledge’ and our eponymous magazine showcases different flavours of expression and creativity ranging from research articles, corporate interviews, articles of social relevance and event coverages to humorous anecdotes, poems, travelogues and articles on personal experiences. The magazine captures every mood of the institute through both its content and design. This is made possible by a team of talented and exuberant individuals working together tirelessly in their role as managers, editors, content writers and designers to bring out the creativity of the NM’ites.

And that’s not all! The club also plans and organizes out-of-the-box events to discover the best creative work and talent from the B-school. Here is a vignette of the events (past, present and future) conducted by Team Knowesis in the year 2015-16.

Chalk the walk: A pre event to Walkathon, walk for a social cause. Everyone put on their artistic hats to create posters relating to a social cause which was carried in Walkathon to enhance the event. We saw creativity boom throughout the evening.

Halloween Night: The ultimate horror night of the year is always a reason to celebrate. We did it in style, with a round of nightmarish games and role plays. Everybody put on the scariest costumes to witness the frightful yet comic acts performed by the participants.

Canvass: An event which gives a platform for discussion. There are debates, JAMs, rebuttles and a whole lot of noise. We saw discussions and heated arguments happening on the latest developments around the world. Yes, we walked out enlightened!

Sherlocked: An amalgamation of a set of activities, physical as well as mental, makes the event unique. The amazing race with a pinch of brainteasers and the walking board game made a perfect recipe for a fun-filled evening.

Last but not the least, we design a yearbook as a memento for the graduating batch which contains messages, pictures and memories of their two years at NMIMS.

Contact Details


Shivansh mittal (President) – +91-9711046904‬

Ankita Sajit(Vice President)- +91-7387025037

Tanisha Swami (Vice President)- +91-9654348455

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