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Knowesis, the official magazine club of NMIMS Bengaluru gives a platform to students to express their thoughts and creativity through writing, designing, photography and a lot more!

Though Knowesis started out as a magazine club, that’s not all we do! The club also plans and organizes out-of-the-box events to discover the best creative work and talent from the B-school. Here is a vignette of the activities and events conducted by Team Knowesis in the year 2018-19:


For the first time, Knowesis in association with the Academic Committee hosted NM-Bengaluru’s first MUN conference. The event spanned over the course of three days and saw participation from all over the country. The MUN had four councils and International Press. MUN aims to come back in 2020, bigger and better.


In Canvass 4.0, we provided a platform to the students to brush up their skills and think out of the box when it comes to public speaking. Canvass encouraged even the most silent students of the batch to come up in front of their colleagues and word their opinions


A pre-event to Walkathon, walk for a social cause. Everyone put on their artistic hats to create posters relating to a social cause which was carried in Walkathon to enhance the event. We saw creativity boom throughout the evening.


Knowesis in association with Rang designed a simulation game for Nityaksh, that aimed to encapsulate the environment of creative agencies, from designing pitches to creating experiences for new product launches.


The issue of the magazine this year was PULSE, which allowed for the writers and designers both inside and outside Knowesis to offer exciting and refreshing themes on abstract yet meaningful elements of the word. Pulse was chosen to signify the fire and passion that invigorates each one of us and gives our actions meaning, and our lives a purpose.


Team Knowesis and Rang together hosted a Halloween party outside the campus. We saw amazing turnout from both batches and created a buzz for Halloween. People were encouraged to come dressed up in costumes.


Sherlocked was conducted to test the investigative prowess of the participants in a mystery-esque game that also brought a popular board game to life.


Knowesis, for the first time, conducted an in-house photography workshop for the students of the PG batch. The workshop covered the basics of DSLR and Mobile photography and was followed by a session on editing on platforms such as Lightroom.

YEARBOOK 2017-19

A tribute to the seniors, as a token of love and gratitude, from the juniors and a physical entity that sums up the whole two years of the journey which will be cherished all through their lives, has always been a proud task of Knowesis.


All events that happened throughout the year were covered by the photography team of Knowesis. The quality of pictures taken were appreciated by all, and the dedication of the team involved was phenomenal.

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President: Shivani Goyal – 7057613269,

Vice President: Aparajitha K: 7842815818,

Vice President: Simran Kotari: 9844979000,