About Intuito

Intuito is the Analytics Club of NMIMS Bangalore.

The growing importance of data and analytics in this current business era makes it a must-know for all aspirants regardless of their field of interest.

The club holds various events, workshops and learning sessions over the year to provide high-quality value and learning to its stakeholders.


Infomatics – In association with Nityaksh, students from around the country compete in an analytics based competition for a huge cash prize.

Cypher – A intra-college event where students get together in a fun yet practical learning based game and compete for cash and other prizes.

Analytics Day – The club flagship event of the college, which includes a  nationwide Pitchfest, Analytics Conclave, Hackfest, Workshops & games for students and corporate to take part in and network.

Pitchfest – A shark-tank like environment for Investors and Start-Ups from around the country to connect and take innovations forward.

Analytics Conclave: Speakers from the industry talk about Analytics and the likes.

Hackfest – Students from around the country participate in solving an Analytics based live case study for a cash prize.

Learning Sessions

Intra-club learning sessions for Intuito members and the batch taken by seniors/faculty to facilitate advanced learning in the Analytics field.

Contact Details:

Raj Shah (President) : 9167632640 :

Srijan Suman (Vice-President) : 8339050070 :

Abhishek Srivastava (Vice-President) : 7838134103 :