• Neha Roy

    Dr. Neha Chhabra Roy
    Assistant Professor
    Financial Modelling, Risk Management

    Ph.D (Fin), M.Phil (Fin), MBA, B.Tech (Mechanical)

    • Professor (sen grade), NMIMS(Narsee Monjee), Bangalore (July 2016)
    • Professor Grade II, Alliance University, Bangalore (Jun 2013 -16)
    • Professor, UPES, Dehradun, (Aug 2010- May 2013)
  • Research Papers & Articles Published 

    • Roy,N. & Vishawanathan, T. ( 2018) workforce challenges in Indian Banking system, Current Science, Indian Academy of science( Under print)( Scopus)
    • Roy N. & Roy, N.G; ( 2018);Investor of SHP and Insurance companies tradeoff for risk management ; IIMB Management Review( Under second Review)( ABDC-B)
    • Roy, N. & Basu, S. (2018); Weather Derivatives roles in Indian Electricity market- An approach to mitigate climate risks. (Work in Progress)
    • Roy,N. & Basava,R.( 2017); Risk identification & impact Assessment : a study of Indian Pharmacy sector, International Journal of Banking, Risk & Insurance, Volume 5(1)
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    • Chhabra, N. & Rao, K. (2014), save the insurer and policyholder, IRDA Journal.


    Books Published

    • Chhabra,N. (2011). Project Appraisal By State Financial Corporations In India. Dudweiler Landstraße, Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co.
    • Chhabra, N. (2011). sensitivity analysis on value-added tax. Dudweiler Landstraße , Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co.

     Conferences- Published in Proceedings & Extended Abstracts 

    • Roy, N. & Basu, S. (2017); Electricity Trading Viability in Indian Electricity Exchange: A case of Seasonal Option Strategies. India Finance Conference-07, IIM Bangalore.
    • Roy,N. & Roy, N.G. ( 2017); A Contingency Theory Approach: Application of Risk Identification, Assessment & Distribution in Small Hydro Power Projects; ICFE 2017, Loyola Institute of Business Management, Chennai.
    • Roy, N.R (2016) Dees Mergers & Acquisition Holds good for Private Sector banks in India?; CERE 2016 ( IIM Indore)
    • Roy, N. C ( Dec,2016); Socioeconomic & Environmental Risks impact of Hydro power projects in Uttarakhand, Proceedings AIMS; AIMS 14th International Conference( MICA- Ahmedabad)
    • Roy,N. & Khanna,A.(2016); Return Dynamics and volatility forecast of foreign currencies: USD; Euro, GBP & YEN, AIMS Proceedings, AIMS 14th International Conference( MICA- Ahmedabad)
    • Roy, N. & Rao, N. ( 2016); Triggers for Agents Attrition in Indian Life Insurance companies, AIMS Proceedings, AIMS 14th International Conference( MICA- Ahmedabad)
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  • Research Project

    1. Impact of Technological Disruption on Workforce Challenges of Indian Banks – Identification, Assessment & Mitigation at Indian Institute of Banking & Finance ( Project-PI)
    2. Investment Risk Analysis of Hydro-electric Power project, UK at Uttarakhand Jal vidyut Nigam Ltd.
    3. Socio-economic study of Hydro-electric Power Project, Chhibro, UK at Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited.

    4. Project Appraisal of Steel plant at Bokaro by Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation.

    • Research Grant of 2, 50,000- from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance for research project.
    • First Prize for best PhD thesis at IIM Kozhikode, Conducted by 12th AIMS International conference, 2015.
    • Second Best research paper Award from AIMS 14 International Conference held at MICA, 2016.
    • Grant for PhD from UJVNL.
  • Dr. Neha completed her B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from U P Technical University, MBA in Finance from CSJM university, M.Phil in Finance from CSJM university and Ph.D. in Computational Finance from University of Petroleum & Energy, Dehradun, in 2015. Neha is in academia more than 9 years and is currently Assistant Professor of Finance at the Narsee Monjee Institute for Management Studies (NMIMS), Bengaluru.  Her teaching interests are mainly Finance courses with aptitude of Quants.  Her research interests are Risk Management; Advance hedging practices, Infrastructure financing; bank management.

  • Books Reviewed

    • Security analysis and Portfolio Management by ceenage publication,New Delhi.

    Journal Reviewer

    • Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing David Publishing Company, USA.
    • International Journal of Agriculture Sciences Bio info publication, USA.
    • Facilities by Emerald

    Session Chaired

    • Risk Management session Chaired at IIM Khozikode AIMS 12th International Confernce


    • Membership of Indian Accounting Association
    • All India Management Society (AIMS)

    Conference/MDP organized:

    • National conference “Emerging trends in communication 2010 “in UPES
    • International conference ”strategic Communication &Learning From Mistakes, 2011 ”
    • Management development program on GAAR, 2012
    • Management development program on New Tax Regimes in India, 2012
    • Certification program of Finance, 2013
    • MDP on finance and Manager stress 2014
    • Finance Summit on NBFC 2015

    International Conference on Management & Information systems ICMIS 2015, Bangkok

    Consultancy Projects

    • MDP at Adani Power on project appraisal and financing.
    • Project at UJVNL, Dehradun on Advance Risk Assessment methods.
    • Training at Tata Power New Delhi on Risks in Power sector.
    • Invited Training conducted at KPMG Bangalore on Accounting, Finance and Analytical auditing.
    • Infrastructure Risk Management training at Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited