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  • Dr. Dinkar VR
    Dr. Dinkar VR
    Professor & Associate Dean(Law)


    LL.M., Ph.D.



    1. Justice in Genes: Evidential Facets of Forensic DNA Fingerprinting (Asia Law House, 2008) Reference Book.
    2. Article in Edited Book, Human Rights and Values in Education (Discovery Publishing House, 2009).
    3. Scientific Expert Evidence: Determining Probative Value and Admissibility in the Court Room (Eastern Law House, 2nd Ed., 2016) Reference Book.

  • Dr. Dinkar V.R. is a scholar on Evidential aspects of Forensic Science. He is the Professor and Associate Dean of the NMIMS Deemed to be University, Bangalore Campus. Before joining NMIMS, he was serving in various national level institutions like VIT, KIIT, SGT etc. After obtaining LL.M. and Ph.D. in Law, he has started his career at Kerala Law Academy Law College, Thiruvananthapuram as Lecturer. His area of research was on Scientific Evidence and its Evidential Aspects. He is an active researcher and he had published two reference books on Scientific Expert Evidence: Determining Probative Value and Admissibility in the Courtroom (Eastern Law House, 2016, 2nd Ed.) and Justice in Genes – Evidential Facets of Forensic DNA Fingerprinting (Asia Law House, 2008). Apart from reference books, he has also written various research papers and published in national level reference journals like Cochin University Law Review, Academy Law Review, National Law School of India University journals etc.

    He is also having around ten years of administrative experience as Dean, Head, Principal, Vice-Principal and Director in State, Private and Deemed to be Universities. He has presented papers in various national and international conferences including the reputed Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, Indo – Pacific Forensic Science Conference etc. He has also acted as Chairman, BOS in Kannur University, VIT University; Member, Academic Council in Kannur University, Saveetha University, VIT University and SGT University. He is also a recipient of the Best Researcher Award of the VIT University and he also got a special appreciation from the International Committee of Red Cross as best organizer.

    Prof.Dinkar has delivered lectures at various Universities and law schools on Forensic Scientific Evidence. His areas of interest are:

    1. Scientific Evidence;
    2. Forensic Science;
    3. Law of Evidence;
    4. Toxic Tort Litigations and Scientific Proof;
    5. Administrative Law;
    6. Constitutional Law;
    7. Toxic Tort Exposure litigations and Product Liability litigations;
    8. Scientific Evidence and Criminal Justice;
    9. Scientific Evidence and Human Rights.
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