• Vinay Kumar
    Dr. A. Vinay Kumar
    Finance and Accounting

  • Startup Coach, Innovator, Growth Strategist, and Financial Analyst . Passionate teacher and avid learner/reader, explorer deeply interested in spiritual philosophy and business research. Strong urge to build new institutions with new philosophy and thinking.

  • Led PhD Program at IIM Lucknow
    Led the EPF Fund Management at IIM Lucknow
    Led the Curriculum Revision Committee for PhD Program at IIM Lucknow
    Led Implementation of New Curriculum for PhD at IIM Lucknow
    Pivotal role in IIML AMBA Accreditation
    Director of IIM Lucknow Entrepreneurship Cell
    Contributed to Various Academic and Administrative Committees for over 15years

  • Organised Two International Conferences on Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance
    Organised the First Case Workshop by The Case Center (UK) for over 30 Faculty Members
    Designed and Delivered Several Executive Program in India and Abroad

  • Teaching Financial Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Derivatives for MBA
    Curriculum Innovation and Development for MBA Courses
    Teaching and Developing PhD Courses in Finance
    Training and Coaching Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs
    Advising, Structuring Startup Deals

  • My earlier publications appeared in
    -The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance
    -The South Asian Journal of Management